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Pisay ’96 Radio Episode 5: Rock sa Rehas

Meeting kunwari...

Sa Sabado na, July 7, yung project natin sa Bilibid Maximum Security. Kasama natin ang Rock Ed dito at madami tayong gagawin para sa mga kapwa natin Pilipino na nasa loob ng Munti. Pati na rin para sa mga pamilya nila. Sama ka.

Kulang pa tayo sa transpo budget, saka medyo magulo pa yung mga gagamitin na sasakyan sa pagsundo ng mga banda. Kung may konti kang barya, malaki maitutulong nyan. Kung pupunta ka naman at makakapagdala ng sasakyan, mabuti din yan para maisakay mo yung iba nating batchmates at iba pang volunteers. Or basta pumunta ka lang, sigurado may maitutulong ka. Pero kelangan sabihin mo na agad kay Michelle/Jao/Joey para ma-register yung pangalan mo.

May podcast pala kami, para sa inyo.

“For the unexperienced, invest in your soul.”


Podcast recording.

Pisay '96 Radio

Pisay ’96 Radio Episode 4: Usapang Lasing + Pop Ratio @ BL_E Without U

Pisay '96 party!

Last May 11, we had a soft launch for our Pisay ’96 Book Drive at the BL_E Without U Bar with our band Pop Ratio doing some songs. Yes, this is the same project as the internally nicknamed “Albert Camacho Book Drive.”

The turnout was surprisingly good with several batchmates (plus friends) making it to the evening’s events, especially with the presence of some who pleasantly surprised us with their sackful of books (ikaw yun Ispok!) and humanely–touching ideas (at ikaw yun Jao!).

The fun night started with the almost–impromptu Pop Ratio concert with Jonas, Markku, and Marc (Carlo Inting’s younger brother) playing some of their trademark covers, and then some. A very crude bootleg of their performance is this episode’s second track, recorded from a mobile phone with all the ambient noises included, free of charge! (Syempre dahil sa sobrang gigil putol na agad yung string ng gitara ko, pero okay lang kasi hindi naman ako rinig sa recording, hehehe. –Markku)

The night’s second part was a never–ending videoke fest and party, better explained through BryMac’s photos of the evening.

This episode’s main podcast includes several batchmates, in fact the most we’ve had since the very first episode. Pagpasensyahan nyo na kung masyado na kaming bibo sa pagsasalita, at limang san mig light na yata ang minimum ng lahat dyan eh, hehehe.

Seriously, we now have two projects in the pipeline, namely the book drive and the maximum security concert slated for sometime next month. We are working with Rock Ed Philippines for both projects to further maximize our resources and effectively reach our collective goals. For more details, please do listen to the podcast.

And yes, Episode 4a was actually recorded after Episode 4b. Go figure. :D

Next time punta ka ha, dadating daw crush mo.

Pisay '96 Radio

Pisay ’96 Radio Episode 3: Albert Camacho Book Drive

A kid at the coastal cleanup.

On May 19, we will be launching our batch’s book drive which has been planned for some time now, just in time for the beginning of the school year. In partnership with RockEd Philippines, there will be a concert to officially start the collection of book donations that we in turn will be giving to our beneficiary schools and communities. More details in this episode of Pisay ’96 Radio.

Syempre marami pa ring tsismis yan as usual. ;)

Pisay '96 Radio

Pisay ’96 Radio Episode 2: Updates

Like I promised, here’s the second episode of our Pisay ’96 Radio podcast! I would’ve wanted to list all the topics discussed, but this one’s too loose and we basically ramble on just about anything. Joey, Jonas, and Markku again, recorded on the same night as the first episode.

We’re looking for potential topics for our next episodes, so let us know if you have an idea. And if there’s anyone you want featured here soon, drag his/her ass to our next session and we’d gladly take on them. While you’re at it, make sure your juicy questions are ready!

Here’s a list of links to the photos from our coastal cleanup at Alaminos, Pangasinan last Earth Day weekend:

Nag-enjoy ka ba dun sa unang podcast? Sama na sa next episode! :)

Pisay '96 Radio

Pisay ’96 Radio Episode 1: Tulad Ng Dati

Pop Ratio - Markku, Don, Jonas, Carlo, Jansen

Last night (or this morning) was our first official session for Pisay ’96 Radio, a planned regular podcast/online radio show for the Pisay ’96 crowd as well as our friends and family. The first–time jitters hit us, masyado yata kaming seryoso kunwari.

Episode 1 features Joey, Jonas, and Markku (that’s me!) discussing our band Pop Ratio’s music and history, this largely because we just got back from watching the Cinemalaya 2006 Best Film “Tulad Ng Dati,” a fiction movie/rock documentary of sorts about one of OPM’s greatest bands, The Dawn.

Sigurado marami pang susunod na episodes ng Pisay ’96 Radio, at syempre mas masaya kung kasama namin kayo! Leave a comment and we’ll make arrangements to have you on our show, tsismis and all! Kung may maisip kayo na topics o kahit anong bagay na gusto nyo lang pag-usapan natin, comment or email lang.

For now, enjoy the podcast. Listen to it online or download the mp3 and listen to it on your iPod on your way to work. Yung walang iPod/mp3 player record nyo na lang sa walkman. Hehehe.