3 thoughts on “Photos: Medical Mission for the Dumagats of Sierra Madre

  1. Dear Piay,
    Thanks for taking time to help our Dumagat indigenous people, its really amazing that you were able to visit their own dumagat settlement in far flung area here its really risky on your part.

    We need more volunteer group to penetrate the mountainous areas of Sierra Madre and make a lot of sacrifices not only financial but their time and talents.

    I hope that you are all ok, there’s still 19 dumagat settlement in Bulacan alone and there are more 8 provinces where Dumagat or Agta/Alta, Atta or Ati are existing and in need of attention.

    They (Dumagat are suffering because the ecological balance of their original home (ancestral domain) is continously being destroyed and grab from many reason in particular na developmental aggression.

    Looking forward for more free medical missions that your group will do in the future.
    Thanks and God bless.

    bro martin

  2. Garry says:

    hi po mam..i am a student of architecture and taking up my thesis project.. napili ko po ung Preservation of the Dumagat community.. by putting up an ethnic farm village na kung san sila marerelocate due to the revival of the Laiban Dam…pwede po ba malaman how to reach them from quezon City..and how long will it take to get to their community.. i wanna see their present condition.. thanks..

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