flashback: pisay 96 streetkids christmas party

it’s been more than a month since we’ve had any updates concerning our ongoing projects. so here we go.

albert camacho bookdrive: we’re still in the process of pooling books and selecting the beneficiary for the drive. so kung may pahabol pa kayong books o suggestions na beneficiary schools, sige lang at magsabi kayo sa kinauukulang mga partido.

concert sa bilibid: a tentative date has been set (sometime in july). the remaining things that we still have to worry about are manpower (magsabi kayo kung makakapunta kayo) and transportation (shout out to jeff galan. hehe). arrangements concerning other aspects of the project are being handled by other parties already. as always though, any help would be much appreciated. just say so.

and as a bonus, here’s the slide show presentation of the streetkids christmas party held in up diliman last december. para maipakita naman natin ang isang project na natapos natin ng maayos. enjoy. :)


batch 96 invades the airwaves

the RockEd radio program for the evening of sunday, june 10, played host to batch 96’s own jonas castelo, joey climaco, don salvacion and markku seguerra. and for about an hour and a half, a lifelong dream of being  heard on air was (somewhat) fulfilled. almost as important, the concerned individuals managed not to make complete fools of themselves (or at least, not too much). whatever the case, we can all heave a collective sigh of relief and give out a cheer of congratulations for our batchmates. kahit na nga ba di kayo nakatugtog sa radyo, narinig pa rin namin kayo.

jonas, joey, don and markku would however like to apologize for not being able to greet anyone during the duration of the broadcast. they also thank everyone who tuned in, texted in comments in the middle of the broadcast, and generally showed any interest and offered their support. ang tagumpay ng isa, tagumpay nating lahat. whatever. let’s hope the next broadcast would involve some music though. sayang naman yung boses ni jonas.


jonas, markku, joey and don on air

come sunday, june 10, pop ratio’s dreams of being heard on air will come true. they, however, will not be playing their music. rather, they’ll be guesting in NU 107’s RockEd radio. they will not be on air as musicians, but as doctors, an experienced and unexperienced individual (take your pick as to who fits which bill). the topic: sex. go figure.

it may sound interesting for you. it may not. but it’s bound to be a riot hearing your batchmates talking about something they’re genuinely interested in, not really experts in, and basically just making fools of themselves on air. don’t miss it. sunday, june 10, 8pm. NU107 RockEd radio.